Spy Thriller Drama Series (2020)

Directed by TBA

Ireland ‘63. G2 Secret Service agent Albert Ryan is assigned to find the killers of former Nazis living in Ireland under false identities.

Completion : 2020
Status : Scripting

Production Info

Genre :Spy Thriller Drama Series
Tagline :The war has only just begun..
Format :HD
Runtime :8 x 52 min
Languages :English
Completion :2020
Release :2020
Status :Scripting


Director :TBA
Producers :Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright, Marie-Claire Kerrin, Stuart Neville (Exec)
Co-Producers :Stuart Graham, Paul Kennedy (Village Films N.I.)
Script Writer :Alan Whiting and Stuart Neville, based on the novel by Stuart Neville.



Ireland, 1963. As the Irish people prepare to welcome President John F. Kennedy to the land of his ancestors, a German businessman is murdered in a seaside guesthouse. A note from the killers is found on the corpse, addressed to Colonel Otto Skorzeny, Hitler's favourite commando. It says simply: 'We are coming for you. Await our call.' He is the third foreign national to die within a few days, and Irish politicians are desperate to protect a shameful secret: the dead men were all former Nazis granted asylum by the Irish government.

Lieutenant Albert Ryan, a trusted officer in the G2 Directorate of Intelligence, is ordered to investigate the murders as discreetly as possible and protect Skorzeny. Ambitious diplomatic service employee Celia Hume is assigned by the Department of Foreign Affairs to keep an eye on Ryan on behalf of Skorzeny. Infiltrating Ireland's secret network of former Nazis and collaborators, Ryan and Celia soon realise that there is a far more complex web of international interests at stake, and they must make a choice: their country or their conscience. To survive they must work together, and trust no one but each other.


Cast: TBA
Shooting Locations:Ireand









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