Supernatural Thriller (2014)

Directed by Rossella de Venuto

Fiona GlascottGoldfish Memory, Pietro RagusaThe Talented Mr. Ripley, Federico CastelluccioThe Sopranos, Ray Lovelock Fiddler on the Roof

A couple returns to Italy to the family’s ancient palace where sinister shadows from the past reappear.

Completion : 2012
Status : Completed

Production Info

Genre :Supernatural Thriller
Tagline :The brighter the light, the darker the shadow.
Runtime :82 min
Languages :English, Italian
Completion :2012
Release :2014
Status :Completed


Director :Rossella de Venuto
Producers :Maurizio Antonini
Co-Producers :Jacqueline Kerrin, Dominic Wright, Valentina Gardani. Associate Producers: Marie-Claire Kerrin, Leonardo Paulillo.
Script Writer :Rossella de Venuto
Music :Lance Hogan
Crew :DOP: Ciaran Tanham; Editor: Cecilia Zanuso; Costume Designer: Antonella Cannarozzi; Production Designer: Sabrina Balestra.



Megan, a successful Irish artist, lives in Dublin with her husband Leo, an Italian who emigrated several years ago. After receiving the news of Leo’s uncle death – Monsignor Domenico, a powerful catholic priest – the couple is forced to go to Apulia to handle the unexpected inheritance that Leo received.

Leo’s intention is to sell the ancient inherited palace to his brother Nicola, the towns’ priest. After their arrival in Apulia, Leo gets in touch with his old friends and rediscovers a world that had almost forgotten. Megan is enchanted by the beauty of the places and the ancient family palace. They decide to stay for the summer.

Left alone at home, during the hottest hours of the day, Megan is disturbed by mysterious presences. While trying to understand what is happening to her she starts to find in the palace clues of an unsolved mystery in Leo’s family. These discoveries will lead her to share her findings with Father Von Galen from Bolzano’s diocese, a priest sent by the Vatican to investigate on Domenico’s beatification process. In dramatic crescendo we will follow Megan in a struggle against forces that are willing to hide the truth at all costs.


Cast: Fiona Glascott (Goldfish Memory)
Pietro Ragusa
(The Talented Mr Ripley)
Federico Castelluccio
(The Sopranos)
Ray Lovelock
(Fiddler on the Roof)
Shooting Locations:Italy, Ireland



Galway Film Fleadh 2013





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