Moon Dogs - Coming-of-Age/Road-Trip  (Film) Completion 2016.


Ripple World Pictures is currently in production in Scotland on the anarchic, funny, coming-of-age road trip story MOON DOGS. ‘Michael’ (Jack Parry Jones) and his step brother ‘Thor’ (Christy O'Donnell) set off on an epic road trip south, meeting Irish free spirit ‘Caitlin’ (Tara Lee) along the way, whose charms lead to them both falling in love with her.

MOON DOGS is a Scottish-Irish co-production with Kathy Speirs of Up Helly Aa Limited, and directed by BAFTA nominated director Philip John (Being Human, Downton Abbey), written by Scottish duo Raymond Friel and Derek Boyle.

The film will be edited by Irish editor Tony Kearns, with all picture, sound post production and VFX taking place at EGG Post Production in Dublin.

MOON DOGS is funded by the Irish Film Board, Creative Scotland, Ffilm Cymru Wales, and the Irish and UK Producer tax credits.

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