Comedy (2017)

Directed by TBA

An ambitious lawyer’s plan to send his embarrassing Dad to Thailand before his engagement party backfires when his dad returns in love with a hot Thai bride who he claims is his reincarnated wife.
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Status : Development

Production Info

Genre :Comedy
Tagline :A comedy about sex, love and Buddhist Philosophy.
Languages :English
Release :2017
Status :Development


Director :TBA
Producers :TBA



How would you feel if your miserable middle-aged dad got himself a gorgeous 21 year old Thai bride?

Embarrassed? Ashamed? Jealous? …David is all of these. But then his dad James drops a real bombshell. Myleene, his hot new Thai bride, is actually his dead mum reincarnated!

They say love never dies and the long-suffering David knows it’s true. His dad never got over the death of his mum Cathy. For 20 years he has kept their bedroom as a shrine and celebrated her birthday as though she were alive. It’s bad enough his old man is making a fool of himself, shamelessly living the sex life of James Bond. But now he tells David he must accept Myleene as his er...dead mum. Has he gone crazy? Local barmaid Nicola doesn’t think so - it’s true love!

David thought that he almost had life sorted. An ambitious lawyer about to marry Lydia his wealthy boss’s daughter. Now all he needs is his crazy Dad out of the way for his high society engagement party. Sending him to Thailand where he and Cathy spent a romantic honeymoon backfires when James turns up at the party in a Hawaiian shirt and new Thai bride Myleene on his arm.

David immediately jumps to the conclusion Myleene is a gold-digging hooker but James is smitten. The only way to convince James is get evidence. James drags his dodgy best mate Saul to Bangkok under the false pretense of a stag trip.

The impossible coincidences and supernatural signs are mounting up and pointing only one way. Is Myleene is exactly who she and James says she is? And David finds himself questioning his own affections - does he really love Lydia?


Cast: TBA
Shooting Locations:TBA








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